Members of the South Shore Rotary Club, adhering to pandemic guidelines and recent curfew, utilized online technology to ‘zoom’ into a celebration that secured their leadership for a new year.
Rosemarie Dressler presented awards to deserving members as the last official act of her presidency.
Assemblyman Charles D. Fall, installed Joseph Torres, of Merrill Lynch, as President of the South Shore Rotary.
John Vernazza, a past Rotary president, swore in James Young as President –elect, Chris Arrigali, Vice President, April Cass Buono, Secretary, Tony Verilli, Treasurer, James R. Cohen, Sargeant of Arms, and Rosemarie Dressler, as immediate past president.Directors for the upcoming year as Ed Brochin, Mike Kormanik, Linda Herschfeld, Brian Benevento, Mary Cibelli, and Frank Cilento.
The theme of the evening celebrated the ‘Roaring ‘20s and members dressed for the occasion in 1920s outfits.
The South Shore Rotary is comprised on business men and women who volunteer their time and pool their resources to increase the Status on their community.